10 Road Trip Essentials

With summer in full swing and having just returned from one of my own, I thought “what better time to discuss the woes of road travel”. Okay, road trips are actually fun if you do them right. I’ll repeat-


I’ve made the 11-hour drive from my city to my hometown more times than my dignity would like to remember. There have been some rough road trips and some smooth rides. Below are my essentials for a successful road trip.

10 Road Trip Essentials- With summer in full swing, what better way to celebrate than with a kick-ass road trip. Follow these 10 Road Trip Essentials to make the most of your trip. || a tipsy gypsy life

Waze – Such a clever little app. Drivers alert each other of speed traps or road hazards. Then when you drive by, the app requests you to confirm or deny the hazard.

Jumper Cables– Something we should have in our cars at all times, but doing the double check now will save you heartache later…

Sunscreen– Surprised? You shouldn’t be! We tend to get more sun on our left side from driving as is, no need to amplify that with a 10 hour drive. Save yourself with an SPF of at least 50 if you are traveling during the day.

Freshen Up Kit – Stopping at a rest stop to brush your teeth does WONDERS for your dignity. I prefer a toothbrush and toothpaste but crest wisps would do…I thoroughly believe a clean mouth is the key to feeling human during travels.

AUX Cord– if you have Bluetooth set up in your car, you’re excused. Otherwise, you WILL get sick of the repetitive stations that litter our country.

Water– Lots and lots and lots of water. Stay away from anything with caffeine unless you want to stop at every rest stop for the rest of the trip. If you really have an energy issue, drink one (ONE) 5-hour-energy or similar drink.

Proteins + something to snack on– Standards tend to disappear during a long road trip. Ding-Dong for breakfast, 4 red bulls for lunch, you get it. I personally love almonds or peanuts to keep full. Sunflower seeds are a delicious way to entertain yourself… and it does get that bad.

Pandora– All your music variety in one place etc etc etc ….but wait! There’s more! You can also set the station to, say, Aziz Ansari and get stand up comedy clips.

Baby Wipes– Oye, talk about a lifesaver. Wonderful to use on your face for a little freshen up or you know, the only sliver of bathing you’ll get for a few hours. Using them to keep the car clean is another bonus.

Car Charger– The only thing worse than getting a flat tire is getting a flat tire and not being able to call the AAA you pay decent money for. Because you don’t own a car charger… Even though they only cost about 10 doll hairs… and you can get them at nearly any gas station.

A Good Night’s Sleep– But seriously. Driving while tired is actually more dangerous than driving drunk. If a guilty conscience wouldn’t keep you from DWE (driving while exhausted), then at least try to remember that somebody, somewhere loves you.

What about you? What is your favorite road trip tip?

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